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Elisha Cuthbert stars as a gorgeous fashion model

Elisha Cuthbert
Elisha Ann Cuthbert (born November 30, 1982) is a Canadian film and television actress.
“I was a real freak when I was a kid. I thought aliens were going to come after me.”
Acting isn’t her only passion; Elisha, like most self-respecting Canadians, loves Curling and Ice Hockey.

Elisha Cuthbert was ranked number ten by in the list of the "Top 99 Women of 2007.

Biography: When she was nine, Cuthbert started modeling for various lines of children's clothing and also became a foot model.
Cuthbert starred in the Canadian television movie Lucky Girl in 2001 and was awarded a Gemini Award for her performance. Soon after her move to Los Angeles. She began her Hollywood film career with small roles in Old School and Love Actually in 2003. Cuthbert's next film, The Girl Next Door, cast her in her first lead role as an ex–porn star, Danielle, opposite Emile Hirsch. In her next big-screen outing, Cuthbert starred with Paris Hilton and Chad Michael Murray in the 2005 remake of the classic horror film House of Wax. Cuthbert's next film project was the indie film The Quiet, which she not only co-starred in but also co-produced and helped finance. She played Nina, a temperamental 17-year-old cheerleader who suffers from sexual abuse. In 2007, Cuthbert appeared in the film, Captivity, a thriller centered around a fashion model taunted by a psychopath who has imprisoned her in a cellar. In He Was a Quiet Man, Cuthbert played Vanessa, a quadriplegic, starring opposite Christian Slater. In 2008, Cuthbert appeared in My Sassy Girl, a remake of a Korean film, starring alongside Jesse Bradford. Her next film is the family comedy The Six Wives of Henry Lefay with actor Tim Allen, in which she plays his daughter.

“I don't ever want to be doing the same sort of thing, I never want to be typecast, because I have way too much to give to be sort of, to always be the hot chick in the movie.”
“We have a lot of throwbacks to, I think, the classic ideas of what horror film was all about, I think when we were younger.”

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