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Elsa Lunghini

Elsa Lunghini

Elsa Lunghini is a French singer and actress


  • 2008: Elsa Lunghini
  • 2006: Connexions live
  • 2004: De lave et de sève
  • 1997: Elsa, l'essentiel 1986-1993
  • 1996: Chaque jour est un long chemin
  • 1992: Douce Violence
  • 1990: Rien que pour ça
  • 1988: Elsa

Elsa's voice is soft, feminine, and sensual with a lovely lilting tone with gentle vibrato. All tracks are in French.

Elsa Lunghini (as Elsa) - Marcolina: The Return of Casanova / Le Retour de Casanova

Elsa Lunghini (as Elsa) - Marcolina

After many years of rambling across Europe the aging Giacomo Casanova is impoverished. He wants to return to the Republic of Venice but he doesn't dare going there directly because he was a fugitive when he left. While he tries to find a way to get a pardon he meets a young lady named Marcelina. The more he shows his affection, the more ostentatiously she rejects him. Even so he doesn't give up on her because her lover Lorenzo has grave gaming debts. In return for the required money Lorenzo tells Casanova about a looming secret rendezvous with Marcelina. Moreover he lets Casanova take his place. Undercover of the night Casanova finally seduces her. Lorenzo later feels his honour was besmirched and demands satisfaction. Casanova kills him in a duel and then goes home to Venice.

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