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Hudson Leick as Callisto the Warrior Princess

Hudson Leick

Callisto is a fictional character in the fantasy TV series Xena: Warrior Princess

She is portrayed by the American actress Hudson Leick. Callisto is an amazing fighter, on par with Xena. She can also hold her own against Hercules. She shows herself to be able to catch and throw the chakram with the same skill as Xena, a feat that only two others were ever able to replicate, one being Gabrielle. Callisto's fighting style is very similar to Xena's with the exception that she often becomes unfocused and carried away in a blind insane rage while fighting. After eating the golden apple, she became immortal, becoming immune to injuries. Later on in the series, Callisto attains the powers of a Goddess, after eating Ambrosia, and defeats Ares in combat, though she had the help of Hope at the time. She is generally seen producing lightning bolts and more commonly, fire blasts.

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