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Julianne Morris

Julianne Morris

Julianne Morris as The Evil Rumina: The Adventures of Sinbad

Rumina is the daughter of Turok. She is a recurring villain throughout the first season. She loves Sinbad, but hates him for murdering her father. Rumina is an expert in black magic, which is easy to learn compared to white magic. Rumina is also obsessed with killing Maeve, something she never manages to accomplish. Portrayed by Julianne Morris.

The Adventures of Sinbad

A sword and sorcery adventure set in a land of myth and magic in the Middle East, around the Persian Gulf. The series tells of the adventures of Sinbad and his brother as they gather a crew, and set sail in the ship, Nomad, from Baghdad in search of wealth and adventure. Along the way they face witches, wizards, strange tribes and fantastic creatures.

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