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American Psycho

Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman: American Psycho

Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman:

...has all the characteristics of a human being: blood, flesh, skin, hair, but not a single, clear, identifiable emotion, except for greed and disgust. Something horrible is happening inside of him. His nightly bloodlust is overflowing into his days. As he delves deeper into violence and murder his mask of sanity slips away.

American Psycho

Cast: Christian Bale, Willem Dafoe, Jared Leto, Josh Lucas, Samantha Mathis, Matt Ross, Bill Sage, Chloƫ Sevigny, Cara Seymour, Justin Theroux, Guinevere Turner, Reese Witherspoon

The film focuses on Wall Street yuppie Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale), whose mental instability and bloodlust lead him to serial killing.

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