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Jaime Pressly and Alyssa Milano, as mermaid: Charmed: A Witch's Tail

Alyssa Milano as Phoebe Halliwell

Alyssa Milano as Phoebe Halliwell: Phoebe becomes a mermaid and Paige and Piper must convince her to return home.

Jaime Pressly as Mylie

Jaime Pressly as Mylie: The sisters help Mylie (Jamie Pressly), a mermaid, with a deal she made with the sea-hag.

Charmed™ explores the relationship between three sisters, who after discovering that they possess magical powers, are reluctantly thrown into a world of supernatural evils. The Halliwell sisters must keep their identity as “the Charmed Ones” secret from the world, with only themselves to rely upon, as they protect the innocent and fight demons.

Charmed: A Witch's Tail part 1

Piper, Phoebe and Paige come to the aid of Mylie, a Mermaid-turned-human, when she shows up looking for their help after a pact she made with an evil Sea Hag begins to go drastically wrong. Meanwhile, Phoebe attempts to divorce Cole, until he shows up claiming to want her back. Paige attempts to juggle her new position as a full fledged Social Worker, as well as being a Charmed One, and Piper must protect her unborn baby and face her fear of the water demon.

Charmed: A Witch's Tail part 2

Piper, Paige and Leo struggle to convince Phoebe, now a mermaid, to come back to her life as a Charmed One, when she decides to swim away from her problems with Cole. Meanwhile, Piper casts a spell to stop her panic attacks but instead of facing her fear, she suppresses it, endangering herself and her baby, when a sea demon comes after Phoebe. In order to help Phoebe, Paige takes drastic measures and enlists the help of Cole. Later, Phoebe tells Cole that it's over between them and signs the divorce papers.

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