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Natassia Malthe as Sonja: Skinwalkers

Natassia Malthe as Sonja - The Alpha female

Natassia Malthe as Sonja - The Alpha female in Varek's pack, and his mate. She was once human, with a seemingly miserable life until changed by Varek. She is very neurotic, completely loyal to Varek, and obsessed with him. She is shot and killed by Rachel after being weakened by a shot from Timothy.


Creatures, bound by the blood of the wolf, that can kill with curses and move at lightning speed, watching the night sky for the rise of the blood-red crescent moon. They are Skinwalkers. The red moon signals each pack, hell bent to survive an ancient prophecy. Timothy a half-blood, is about to reach the time of his transformation. He’s been guarded since birth by those around him. He alone has the power to control the destiny of his family, and their kind, a gift that has placed his very life in danger.

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