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Pamela Gidley as Cherry 2000: The Female Android

Cherry 2000

Cherry 2000

Starring: Pamela Gidley as Cherry 2000, David Andrews as Sam Treadwell, Melanie Griffith as E. (Edith) Johnson

In the year 2017, robotic technology has made tremendous developments and female androids are used as prostitutes or substitutes for wives. At the same time, the economy of the world is in decay. Business executive Sam Treadwell's (David Andrews) "Cherry 2000" android (Pamela Gidley), short circuits during sex while on the wet kitchen floor. He is told by a repairman that she's irreparable and finding another Cherry android will be difficult since she was a limited edition. After removing the small optical disk with all the memory from the old unit, Treadwell searches for a replacement, enlisting Edith "E" Johnson (Melanie Griffith), a tough tracker who guides him into the wasteland of a post-apocalyptic United States. She is leading him to an abandoned manufacturing plant where he hopes to find another Cherry 2000 model. Standing in their way is Lester (Tim Thomerson), a wasteland overlord with deranged subordinates.

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