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Tales of an Ancient Empire

Melissa Ordway as Princess Tanis

Tales of an Ancient Empire

Cast: Kevin Sorbo, Christopher Lambert, Melissa Ordway, Whitney Able, Jennifer Siebel-Newsom, Lee Horsley, Sarah Schultz, Janelle Taylor, Inbar Lavi, Morgan Weisser

Albert Pyun (The Sword and the Sorcerer) directs this action adventure fantasy. Kevin Sorbo, Christopher Lambert, Melissa Ordway, Whitney Able, Jennifer Siebel-Newsom and Lee Horsley (star of "The Sword and the Sorcerer") topline the cast which includes Janelle Taylor, Sarah Schultz and Inbar Lavi. Pyun also reunites with genre veterans Ralf Moeller (Cyborg) and Olivier Gruner (Nemesis) who appear in action cameos. The sword and sorcery epic, written by Cynthia Curnan, tells the story of a princess forced on a quest to recruit the greatest warriors of the ancient world to save her kingdom from a demonic sorceress. But the odyssey to find them reveals a secret past for all.

Queen Ma’at (Jennifer Siebel Newsom) finds her kingdom of Abelar under attack when treasure seekers accidentally open the tomb of vampire queen Xia (Whitney Able). The Queen sends her half-sister, Princess Tanis (Melissa Ordway), to the outlaw city of Douras to find her real father (Michael ParĂ©) so he can save the kingdom. Meanwhile, servant girl Kara (Victoria Maurette) -who shares the same father as Tanis, but her mother is Xia- discovers her true nature as a vampire and begins hunting Tanis. Once in Douras, the Princess finds her half-brother Aedan (Kevin Sorbo) and convinces him to help her. Together they locate half-sister Malia (Sarah Ann Schultz), half-sister Rajan (Janelle Giumarra) and her daughter Alana (Inbar Lavi). With this small group they plan to stop the vampire queen Xia before it is too late.

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