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Harvard Man - Sarah Michelle Gellar is more than eye candy here

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Harvard Man

Cast: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Eric Stoltz, Joey Lauren Adams, Ray Allen, Rebecca Gayheart

Harvard's star basketball player, Alan, is pushing his luck. He must hide one girlfriend, Cindy, the daughter of a mob boss, from his other girlfriend, Chesney, his promiscuous Philosophy professor. Alan's escapades finally catch up with him when his family faces dire financial difficulty. To remedy the situation, Alan asks Cindy to approach her mobster father for a loan. He offers the money on one condition: throw the next game. While Alan contemplates the idea, he must juggle two girlfriends, deal with the mob, and face the FBI.

Okay, so this won't be to everyone's tastes I'm sure but if like me you're a fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar's brilliant character acting or James Toback's unique style of film making then this is a must-see.

The story concerns Harvard student Alan Jensen, the point guard of the Harvard basketball team. When his parents' house is destroyed by a tornado, Alan is desperate for $100,000 to replace their home. He is approached by his girlfriend Cindy Bandolino, whose father is an organized crime boss. Cindy convinces Alan to throw a game for the money. She tells Alan that her father is behind the deal, but actually she goes to her father's associate, Teddy Carter, and Carter's assistant, Kelly Morgan for funding. What she does not know is that Carter and Morgan are undercover FBI agents.

Alan throws the game, gives his parents the money, and then undergoes a psychedelic experience after he ingests a big dose of LSD, 15,000 micrograms. There follows a long stretch of the film during which morphing special effects demonstrate Alan's altered state as he is pursued by Carter, while Cindy is collared by Morgan.

Just when it looks like a toss-up as to what will prove his downfall first, the bad trip, the FBI, or the mob, Alan's other girlfriend (who is also his philosophy lecturer), Chesney Cort (played by Adams), saves the day. Not only does she get Alan to a doctor who can bring him back to sobriety, she reveals that she is in a sexual threesome with Carter and Morgan. Once he gets some photographic evidence for blackmail, Alan is extricated from his problems.

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