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Megan Fox as Tallulah Black / Lilah: Jonah Hex

Megan Fox as Tallulah Black / Lilah

Megan Fox as Tallulah Black / Lilah

...A gun-wielding prostitute and Jonah Hex's love interest

Tallulah Black

​The character was portrayed by Megan Fox in the Jonah Hex (film) 2010.

​In the 2010 film Jonah Hex with Josh Brolin, Tallulah Black was portrayed by actress Megan Fox. In the film she was different to her comics counter-part, instead of being a bounty hunter herself, she works as prostitute going by "Lilah" for short; there was no mention of her family' and she didn't have the scars or missing left-eye on her body either. Even though her origin and background were different, she was still Tallulah Black, and she knew and had a close relationship with Jonah Hex, becoming his on-again off-again lover whenever he dropped by the brothel she worked at.

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