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Cynthia Rothrock as China O'Brien

Cynthia Rothrock as China O'Brien

Cynthia Rothrock as China O'Brien

China O'Brien

Lori "China o'Brien" (Cynthia Rothrock) is a young city cop. Blonde, beautiful, but with a deadly mastery of the martial arts. One night she is forced to kill to defend herself. She swears she will never use her violent skills again, turns in her badge and goes back to her home town. But home isn't like it used to be. Corruption is everywhere. When her father is murdered, China avenges his death in the most explosive showdown ever.

China O'Brien II

China O'Brien II picks up about two years after part 1 leaves off. While China has cleaned up her small town, a big time drug dealer has escaped from prison, and the guy who sent him away just happens to be living in witness protection in her town, with his wife and her daughter, the former who happens to be China's friend, and the latter who happens to be dating Dakota (Keith Cooke). It's just the drug dealer's dumb luck that of all the small towns in all the world, the guy who ratted on him and made off with his $5 million dollars would choose the one that has Rothrock, Cooke, and Norton as its police force.

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