Yes or No

Karine Vanasse as Sophie Malaterre: Switch



Cast: Karine Vanasse, Éric Cantona

Sophie Malaterre, a Canadian graphic designer and currently unemployed, uses the offer to change her life spontaneously. She exchanges her German apartment with one in Paris at an online portal. She doesn't know her exchange partner, Bénédicte Serteaux, because the apartment keys are exchanged by mail.On the day of arrival Sophie still enjoys a stroll, but nightmare begins the next day. A special task force of the police storm their Houses and takes them to the police station. In a closed room, which has never entered Sophie, find the police a dismembered, headless body, the life companion of her exchange partner Bénédicte Serteaux. Sophie tries to convince the investigators that she is not Bénédicte Serteaux unsuccessful. Any evidence that would prove their true identity seem destroyed overnight. In the apartment you find the investigators a <! - Fake -> pass that uniquely represents Sophie as Bénédicte Serteaux.Sophie is about to admission to a psychiatric ward because she manages to escape. She calls her mother in Montreal and ask them to look at their home after things or documents proving identity Sophie to pick. Marianne Malaterre spares no danger to enter the house, which she paid a few minutes later with his life. She is killed by the paranoid Bénédicte shortly after they saw laid the severed head of a man in the bedroom of the house.Around the same time in Paris: Even Bénédictes mother Alice Serteaux certify investigators her daughter unrecognizable on the mug shot, as previously Bénédictes neighbors - also here no relief for Sophie Malaterre. Bénédicte Serteaux, child of wealthy parents had everything perfectly organized. She underwent facial surgery to similarly see Sophie, and even hired in Paris and Montreal two young people as a decoy to. She just had not expected that her opponent is against their arrest to defend.The DNA analysis of the headless corpse brought an amazing result. Thomas and Sophie are half-siblings. Thomas' mother indicates to have grown by an anonymous sperm donor parent. Sophie's father - the family Malaterre lived in Paris until Sophie was twelve years old - is obviously the donor. And not only Thomas was created by artificial insemination. Also Bénédictes mother took the power of the same Parisian laboratory. Bénédicte Serteaux grew up without a father. The unloving mother is hated her, she admits bitter showdown her half-sister Sophie, breaks her both legs and beats to her. Fortunately, Sophie can go unnoticed produce still excruciating pain a cellular connection to Commissioner Forgeat who believed more and more on Sophie's innocence in recent days. The Handyortung leads him and his colleagues in a factory, where they can save Sophie just before a violent death.

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